You can act in your own film!

(Come to us on your private session)

If You want, you could come in Serbia, meet the girls and act in your own custom film. Our girls will make your dreams comes true (massage, choke, HOM, sleeperhold, tickle or some other interesting actions ) If you decide to do that, for begining:

• Choose a girl and tell us your wishes. If it is possible to realize it.

• You need to pay a deposit - half of the total cost.

• I will accept western union or wire transfer for order.

• For details contact me

• 2500 US$ per film - one girl, 60 min - special wishes-special price .




25-28.aug.2013. Take a look and read report of our dear customer from Germany, Mr Lothar :

Mein Name ist Lothar.Ich war vom26 .08.bis Novi Sad.Ich hatte ein Treffen mit Bojan vereinbart.Ich wohnte im Hotel Vigor, .kann ich nur weiter empfehlen.Er lud mich zu einem Bier auf die Burg Petrovaradin ein.Eine historische Burg mit einer schönen Aussicht auf die Donau und auf Novi Sad.Bojan ist ein sympathischer Mann,der alles gut organisiert.Ich hatte eine Stunde Film mit Sly geordert.Ich habe nie schönere grosse Frauenhände gesehen,als die von Sly.Wir hatten beim Filmen viel Spass.Danach waren wir in einem kleinen Restaurant zum Essen.Für mich waren die Tage in Novi Sad ein schönes Erlebnis.Wenn möglich werde ich es wiederholen.Tjasa war die Kamerafrau.Sie ist auch ein nettes Mädchen mit schönen Händen.Vielleicht habe ich dort neue Freunde gefunden.Viele Grüsse an alle,die ich kennengelernt habe!


26-28.july.2011. Take a look and read report of our dear customer from Spain, Mr Nacho :

The   only   thing   I   regret   having   gone   to   Novi   Sad   i s   to   have   been   just   three  days.   The   city   i s   really   amazing   and,   located   in   the   Danube   river   side,   I   found   a   beautiful   place   with   so   much   to   see   as   to   require   a   minimum   of   two   weeks,  many  pubs  and  even  a  very  nice  beach.  

I'm   a   total   hands   and   gloves   fetishist,   and   as   a   real   fan   of   the   Stranglenail' s  clips   I   had   thought   about   going   to   make   a   custom   film   several   times.  Problem:   just   the   picture   of   Serbia   that   we   have   in   the   foreign…   And   nothing  further  from  reality ...    

I   went   to   Novi   Sad   (the   city   where   the   studio   is)   for   three   day s   from   my  countr y   and   like   Mr.   Martin   I   probably   found   a   safer   place   than   my   home   city  with   very   kind   people .   For   example,   I   take   a   flight   from   Spain   and   arrived   to  Belgrade' s   airport   where   I   had   to   find   a   bus   direct   to   the   station   of   Novi   Sad.  Just   leaving   the   terminal   I   saw   a   couple   of   buses   and,   looking   like   a   very   lost  person   after   one   minute   looking   for   it,   a   man   offered   me   help   and   showed   to  me   the   right   bus,   told   me   about   the   duration   (one   hour   and   a   half)   and  explained   me   where   I   could   find   the   meeting   point   in   the   station   that   Bojan  said  to  me.  Probably  in  my  city  is   weirder  someone  offer s  help.    

About   Bojan,   what   can   I   say ?   He   is   an   amazing   person.   He   care s   each   detail,  not   only   during   the   travel   with   his   kind   company,   also   before   the   journey  answering   all   my   questions   via   email.   Since   he   picked   me   up   in   the   station  and   drove   me   to   the   Vigor   hotel,   showed   to   me   Novi   Sad,   the   fortress,   the  vicinity   of   the   city,   we   drank   excell ent   beer   and   talked   about   a   lot   of   things.  He   really   has   an   open   mind   and   I   told   him   about   my   fetishe s   and   about   a  particular   problem   on   which   he   advised   me...   I'm   sure   you   can   talk   with   him  of  everything  without  any  kind  of  strange  look  a s  response.    

And   about   the   filming,   it   was   one   of   the   best   fetishist   experiences   of   my   life !  

I  chose   to   Mary   to   act   with   me   and   I   don't   regret   of   anything   about   my  decision.   She   is   amazing,   very   nice,   beautiful,   really   funny   and   made   me   feel   very   comfortable   all   time   even   although   I'm   very   shy.   She   speaks   English  very   well   and   understood   all   the   ideas   I   had   in   my   mind.   Was   unbelievable  how   she   made   me   feel,   really.   My   cameraman   was   Natasha,   another   very  kind  model   who   also   understand s   English   although   she   speak s   it   just   a   little.   One  of   the   most   important   things   in   this   fetishist   practice   is   to   feel   like   home,   and  Mary   and   Natasha   really   made   me   feel   like   that…   Even   we   went   to   dinner  after  filming  the  two  of  them,  Bojan  and  me,  and  laugh   was  the  main  sound.  

  I'm   ver y   happ y   about   having   been   in   Serbia.   I   really   enjoy   my   time   there,   not  only   because   it   was   a   very   important   experience   in   my   life,   also   because   I  really   feel   I   made   friends   there.   I'm   totally   sure   I   will   go   back,   but   next   time  more  days  to  enjoy  also  visiting  a  little  more.   And  of  course,  if  someone  asked  me   about   going   to   make   a   custom   film,   I   would   say   “Go   ahead!!”   with   no  doubt.  



Take a look and read report of our dear customer from Canada, Mr Bissonnette :

My first experience in studio

The week of the 21st of febuary I've went to Novi Sad to act in my first film tourism. Mary act with me in this movie and it was the best experience of my life. When I've arrived there I was received very very well. The first day I've had time to visit this wonderful city and meet a lot of great person, then the second was the most expected day of my journey over there, the movie session. Like I've said before i Mary act with me in the film. She threat me very well and make me feel very confortable and she's very professional and help me a lot in the way we should act in the movie.

Honestly it was and unforgatable experience outhere, everyone who have this fetish should at lest going over there once in their life.

Thanks for everything!!!

Martin Bissonnette

Ile-Perrot, Québec, Canada


Take a look and read report of our dear customer from Germany, Mr Florian:

I just came back from my trip to serbia and want to agree with Martin´s report in every aspect. For all people who are scared to travel to serbia: there is no reason to be scared at all. The serbian people are friendly and nobody wants to harm you! The war-times are over and now you can travel there like if you would travel to Italy.
I was for 3 nights in Novi Sad, a nice student-town on the danube. Jelena, the art director, picked me up at Belgrade airport and we went to Novi Sad by bus. I stood at Hotel Gymnas, a very nice and clean place, where you also can get a good breakfast.
In the following two days I had sessions with one of the twins and with sly. The girls were great and very nice. Jelena was guiding me and the girls in a very professional way during the session. She also helped me finding bank or the right taxi. She did her job as art director and city guide very well and is a very friendly person.
After the second session I met Bojan. He is also a very kind guy and he invited me together with Jelena and Senka into a restaurant for lunch.
On my last day we visited the fortress of Novi Sad and than we drove to the airport with Bojan´s car.
Bojan and Jelena are very openminded and you can talk with them about a lot of things. I am more the closed type of guy, so I didn`t talk that much about my fetishes, but I am sure, If you want to, you will always find an open ear.
I had a good time and I can imagine, that I will repeat the trip someday.



Take a look and read report of our dear customer from Spain Mr Martin:

Trip to Serbia & private sessions report

Serbia private sessions report:

I just came back from Serbia and here is everything you need to know regarding private sessions with Bojan's outstanding big hand models:

When I first told my friends I was going to this country for a holiday, they told me I was mad, that I would not come back alive, that there was a lot a violence, people were a little bit less than animals. All of this made me reconsider changing my vacation destiny. but I took a "risk" and went. When I got there, I found a totally different picture: kind people, polite, and very safe. The picture I had formed about this country was wrong, thinking that these people were at war with everyone 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Sadly I think that there is more violence in my country (spain) than in beautiful Serbia. even people stopped me in the street telling me that it hurt them to have bad reputation throughout Europe and that I had to tell my friends that they were normal people. Anyway, Stranglenails is in a city called Novi Sad some 70 km from Belgrade. Very peaceful and quiet.

I had ordered 4 choking sessions. Each session is about 4 hours long, with one hour of free filming for you, were you can make your custom films of your dreams. There is plenty of time with no hurry.The model can polish her nails with a colour of your choice, you can hand compare with the model, she can massage your neck very sensually or choke you in any position you want. all of this done in a respectful way, and relaxed atmosfere. You can take a break, have some coffee or chat with the girls. Bojan's cameraman is a young woman called Jelena ( not the model). She speaks english, and understands it perfectly. She is a professional camera woman, who has a lot of experience filming this kind of fetish, and really reads your mind when it comes to explain to her what you want and how you want her to film you, camera angles, closeness, etc. Most models don't speak english, so she also translates to the model what she should do and exactly how you want it. She really impressed me. For 4 hours I felt like some important hollywood director making his own film to the detail.

I had chosen 4 models: Jelena, Mira, Tanja, and Sly. All these girls are very tall and not only have huge hands, but beautiful also. Large palms, endless fingers, I had never seen hands like those before. One thing I liked is that the models were always concerned about wether or not they were doing exactly how I wanted and if everything was ok. You need to understand one thing: these girls will choke you as hard as you want. They are proffesionals, and you pay them for it. You also stablish the limits and the strength they should use to choke you. I'm taking about tall girls with beautiful huge and POWERFUL hands. It's not wise to tell them to choke you with all their strength because you will only last a few seconds, and it's not good neither for your health nor for the girls because they worry about harming you. They just want you to have a good time withought putting yourself in danger. I had complete success in all my sessions just taking it easy and enjoyed being choked with reasonable amount of strength.

This guy is full of surprises. He takes care of every detail so that your fetish needs in this area are satisfied. He also helped in in some of my personal needs, so that my stay there would be complete. Bojan does also have unusually fantastic surprises for you. In the choking fetish area you can have the time of your life there by doing things you would never have dreamed of doing in your home town. Of course I will not reveal them. That is for you to find out by going there, just like me. I will repeat in trip for sure in a couple of months time.


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This is studio where we are producing our films and pics !

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